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ONTARIO (FALL) - General Registrations
October 23 - November 24, 2023
This is the general registration page for Saddle Fitting Sessions within Eastern and Western Ontario. Please select one of the two clinics below which will then take you directly to that specific clinic where you can then register.

 would like to speak with an Event Coordinator directly, please contact:
Heather Doig at Heather@schleese.com for Eastern Ontario or
Leanne Murray at Leanne@schleese.com for Western Ontario.

Once registration is complete, one of our event coordinators will contact you within 2 business days. 
Dates and locations are to be confirmed and are subject to change based on registrations received. Late registrations may be deferred to the next scheduled trip.

Registration and Payment Required for Saddle Fitting Appointments.

*Deadline to register: as stated above.

**Hurry! Limited spots are available at each location!

Here's What You Get When You Register Today!


What can I expect to learn?

  • You will discover if your saddle is hurting you or your horse and what you can do about it.  

  • You will find out EXACTLY what your horse needs based on full static and dynamic assessments as well as fitting to the anatomy and biomechanics of you and your horse.

  • You will receive a written professional evaluation report with your measurements for your records which can be compared over time to see the development of your horse.

  • You will get the answers to all your questions and leave feeling empowered and educated.

  • A variety of new and used saddles can be fit and tried immediately onsite, so you can experience the "wow" feeling of a properly fitted saddle.

  • You can see & feel the difference a gender-appropriate saddle makes for comfort & control.

  • We can re-fit your saddle directly onsite, allowing you to save on shipping costs. Feel the before and after moment in your own newly adjusted saddle. 

  • You will receive a state of the art professional On-Site Saddle Fit Evaluation not found anywhere in the equine market!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a small investment of only $179 per horse. This includes up to 3 saddle evaluations. 

If you need to cancel your registration for whatever reason, we will issue you a full refund up to 4 weeks prior to your scheduled event. If you have to cancel within 4 weeks of your scheduled event, we will issue you a credit to your account for the full amount paid which can be used to book a future event date.

We did our best to make this refund policy as fair as possible. All we ask in return is to give us as much notice as possible, if you have to reschedule or cancel, as it takes a lot of time and effort to schedule air travel, barns, staff, etc for each event. Thanks!

To register, simply click the green button at the top right side of the page and follow the instructions. 

As you may know, we are based out of Ontario in Canada and most of our fitters live in vicinity to our head office based out of Toronto. As a result, all of our visits to the U.S. are trips that we need to plan well ahead of time to make travel arrangements.

In order to best service our clients, we determine our route of travel based on the requests we receive.

Once the registration deadline for the trip you are interested in has passed and your Clinic Coordinator has received all registrations, they will have a better overview of the route of travel the team will take.  At this time, your Clinic Coordinator will touch base with you again to discuss your appointment details with you.

As we rely on the registration forms, please complete the registration and pre-payment.

In the event that you cannot attend the time, date or location we have determined, you can either receive a full refund, or you can choose to have your pre-payment credited to your account for future use.

Your completed registration form and pre-payment are mandatory to secure a time slot in the saddle fitting schedule. Pre-payment reduces the likelihood of clients missing their scheduled appointments.

In the event that you cannot attend your scheduled session, please notify your Clinic Coordinator as soon as possible. Cancellations must be received by head office 7 business days prior to the scheduled start date of the saddle fitting clinic.

If you cancel within this period, you have two options:

1) Keep a credit on account: You can keep your pre-payment of $179 in full on account to use toward a saddle fitting in the future.

2) Request a refund: You will receive a full refund, minus a $10 administrative fee.

We recommend that you use only Schleese authorized, Certified Saddle Ergonomists to work on your saddle. If a non-authorized Saddle Fitter performs a tree adjustment on your saddle, your warranty will automatically be voided, as they do not possess the Schleese-specific tools to complete adjustments safely, without risking damaging your saddle.

All of our Schleese authorized, Certified Saddle Ergonomists are re-certified through the Saddlefit4Life Academy every 2 years to ensure they are up to date on their product knowledge and fitting techniques. A complete list of our trained and certified associates is available on our website.

Your evaluation form defines Schleese Saddlery Service’s warranty and fit guarantee. Refer to the back of your form for further information or contact us if you have any questions.

Absolutely! We are happy to evaluate all saddles, regardless of brand or discipline.

If adjustments to a non-Schleese saddle are necessary, it is up to your Certified Saddle Ergonomist’s discretion to determine if these can be made without compromising the structural integrity of your saddle, as not all saddle brands are built to be adjusted.

Our Certified Saddle Ergonomists must adhere by the Saddlefit4Life saddle fitting guidelines as the horse’s comfort and wellbeing is our top priority. If your saddle is deemed unsuitable for your horse, they may decline completing adjustments on your saddle.

Our representatives are happy to discuss alternative options with you to keep your horse and yourself comfortable in the saddle. 

We are delighted to hear you are interested in trying saddles. Your Certified Saddle Ergonomist will have a variety of options for you to try.

Each saddle will be adjusted to your horse’s measurement prior to your test-ride. You are welcome to try as many saddles during your appointment as you wish with no obligation to purchase.

As all of our affiliates must adhere by the Saddlefit4Life saddle fitting guidelines, they are required to perform a complete 80-Point Evaluation, prior to adjusting saddles for you to try. As a result, you are required to complete the online registration, as well as pre-payment in order to schedule an appointment.

Our 80-Point Evaluations provide you with a very informative and educational experience. If you decide to purchase a saddle at your appointment, it will be adjusted to your horse’s exact measurements at no additional charge (Valued at $195).

If you decide to place an order for a new saddle, you will receive complimentary first fitting once your saddle was received (Valued at $354).

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Certified Saddle Ergonomists (CSEs)

Heather Doig

Leanne Murray

Date & Time

October 23, 2023

Start - 9:00 AM Friday

November 24, 2023

End - 12:00 AM Canada/Eastern

Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd.

Event Coordinator

Heather Doig


Leanne Murray


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